Project 3 Proposal


This page is the general description of what I want to implement for my project 3. I aim to implement all of the features that I propose, but during the course of development some things might change, be scrapped or be added.

The basic idea is to make a 3D AR arcade game. The player needs to kill all the enemies spawned in each wave to survive and earn more points. With each new wave, more and stronger enemies will spawn. Also, between each wave there will be around 30 seconds to let the player place some objects into the arena.

Some of these objects will be: These objects will be acquired by the player by spending a currency obtained by killing monsters. The way they are placed involves AR: the player will need to place a card on the arena target and press a button to buy the corresponding element.

The arena itself is displayed on top of an image target and the player will be able to move around the camera and observe the arena with the perspective that he prefers. Also, the controls will be designed in such a way that the input to move the character will always move it in that direction with respect to the current camera position. This way the player won't get confused by controls that don't adapt to the position of the webcam.

Last but not least, I aim to implement at least these kind of enemies: Also, I aim to create at least one miniboss that will spawn every x waves, maybe 5 or 10. This implementation isn't something that I guarantee though, but I'll try my hardest to do it.

The game will be playable with keyboard and mouse.

The game takes heavy inspiration by Dead Ops Arcade, a minigame of Call of Duty Black Ops. Below you can find a video about it.

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